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  1. Custom Motorcycle Designs - Radial Engine

    Hello all! Its been a while since my last Blog but I have good reason! I drove to Scotland for a week with some friends as iv never been before and wanted to see what the highlands were like. If you're a keen biker you need to go, the roads and sights are incredible! Any ways, today's one will be short but you should definitely give it a read. Continue reading →
  2. Motorcycles Used in Movies

    Hello again! This week I will talking about movies and films with motorcycles involved in them. I think everyone has their favourite motorcycle scene when growing up, the first that comes to my mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger chasing a truck while riding a huge Harley Davidson Fat Boy, one handed reloading and shooting a shotgun. (Not one to forget haha). But there has been many great motorcycle cameos and scenes in a whole range of movies, so lets talk about a few. Continue reading →
  3. The 35th Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show / Stafford Bike Show 2015

    Hello! What a great weekend! So many people turned up as usual from all over the world, I even dealt with a customer from Singapore (He'd never seen a flat-cap before). If your reading this and haven't heard of this show ill give you a brief summary. Continue reading →
  4. Military Motorcycles

    Hi all, I thought I'd do a special Blog this week on motorcycles that have been used in the Military in some form. The most well known used motorcycle which I have come across was the Royal Enfield Flying Flea,used in the Second World War. Royal Enfield produced a machine which copied a Dutch motorcycle company, with a few minor changes. (Slightly larger engine size). Continue reading →
  5. Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2015 - Update

    Happy (belated) Easter! Hope everyone has had a great Easter weekend, it was the perfect time to get your bikes out of your sheds and have a spin! I've had a look through the web and loads of motorcycle related events have been going on over the weekend, making the most of this rare sunny British weather. Continue reading →
  6. BSA 350cc S.V Tourer / General Information #2

    The second edition to my general information Blogs! It has been just under 2 weeks since my introduction, to say its been busy is an understatement so thank you to all of our customers, new or returning. Any ways lets get onto this week, which is the BSA 350cc S.V Tourer. Continue reading →
  7. Introduction / BSA 500cc O.H.V Gold Star / General Information #1

    Hello to whoever is reading this blog! This will be the start of a new series of Blogs, based around general information on classic motorcycles. Some information you may or may not know. I am still learning a lot of things about classic motorcycles being only 21 years old. I haven't decided on what to call this series yet, but ill see how it ends up so stay with me! Any ways ill start with the beloved BSA 500cc Goldstar (You probably guessed from the title). Originally designed in 1938 and stopped production in 1963 this was known for being one of the fasted motorcycles in its era. Continue reading →
  8. Royal Enfield and Redditch

    Hi Guys, We came across this interesting blog about Royal Enfield and Redditch, as we are based in Redditch we thought it would be good to share the Heritage with you. The Blog talks about the first models that were made, he also visits a pub based in Redditch town centre which is actually called 'The Royal Enfield' that reminds us of all the history Redditch has, including a wall mounted Royal Enfield. Pradeep Kirsur who has wrote the blog also visits the estate where the original factory was and talks about his visit to Redditch, definitely worth a read for any enthusiast. Continue reading →
  9. # How Its Made - Metal Spinning Process

    If you've ever wondered how your hub covers are made or other bike parts. Here is a metal spinning video we came across. Continue reading →
  10. 7 Inch Lucas Style Headlamps Used In a Creative Way

      We love seeing our products being used in a unique way. 'The Bad Ass Cafe Restaurant' has mounted our 7'' Headlights to there bar in Dublin! What a great idea that looks truly unique. If you live in Dublin, here is the link to there site: Continue reading →

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