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Rustbuster Tank Cleaner 500ml

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TANK-KLEEN is a very powerful caustic detergent in a high concentration that also contains a rust inhibitor. Can be used neat to remove high concentrations of grease or carbon stains. Super strength solution can be diluted with water. TANK-KLEEN contains an anti-rust additive to prevent flash rusting on clean steel. TANK-KLEEN can cause white staining when used on aluminium surfaces. SP 10 can be diluted 1-part TANK-KLEEN with 4 parts fresh water.

TANK-KLEEN can be diluted up to 100:1 when used neat in a power wash ratio dispenser. Pour neat TANK-KLEEN into the detergent tank and set the dial to 100:1 When applying by brush allow TANK-KLEEN to foam on scrubbing, this will allow the TANK-KLEEN to emulsify the grease and dirt. When clean wash all TANK-KLEEN residue away with fresh water TANK-KLEEN will remove grease, dirt and carbonised grime SUBSTRATES TANK-KLEEN CAN BE USED ON. Steel, Engines, Farm equipment and plant, Concrete floors, Tiles, Plastic and GRP (do not use on painted surfaces)

Do not use TANK-KLEEN on car paint work, caustic staining may occur.

Do not allow TANK-KLEEN to dry on aluminium as the caustic may turn the aluminium white.

A yellow coloured liquid for the removal of grease.

Directions of Use

Apply neat or diluted 4:1 by brush or spray to the surface working in to the substrate with a brush to create a foam on the surface. Leave between 5-60 minutes to allow the product to work. Wash away the SP-10 with fresh water of Rustbuster Chlor-X and allow to dry. Cleaning Brushes and equipment used can be washed clean in fresh water.


Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, apron, mask, eye and face protection.