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Rustbuster Slosh Grey Tank Sealer 425ml

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Rustbuster Slosh tank sealer is tested to be Ethanol proof. Will resist Petrol with over well over the current and proposed new fuel standards E10 - E15. We have tested Slosh tank seal with up to 100% Corn Bio-Ethanol with absolutely no degradation or softening of the sealer. We recommend a thorough cleaning with Tank-Kleen prior to application of the sealer. A 425 ml will seal up to a ten gallon ( 50 ltrs) tank and is recommended for Motorcycle tanks and small cars.

Use some sharp stones as abrasive with the Tank Kleen solution to help removal rust and old petrol deposits. Allow enough time for the tank to be 100% bone dry before you put the sealer into the tank. Remove any sender units and filter baskets.

Do Not .. apply the sealer into a wet or even damp tank, it reacts with moisture and will cause a bubbling reaction.

Do Not .. allow the sealer to pool in a very thick layer as this will cause the solvents to get trapped within the coating and again can cause a bubbling reaction.

Grey coloured moisture curing polyurethane for the sealing of petrol and oil tanks.


Pouring all of the tank seal into the tank move the tank from side to side and upside down to fully coat the interior of the tank when you have coated the tank put it down for 10 minutes, and then repeat the process. Remove the tank drain plug temporary bung and drain the remaining sealer back out of the tank into the tin. This product has an over coating window of 10 hours after 10 hours it will not accept another coat.

We strongly recommend the above 10 minute procedure and no other.


This is a solvent borne paint and care should be taken to avoid spray mist or vapour as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin and eyes. Avoid at all times inhalation of the spray mist by using a vapour cartridge respirator. use suitable protective clothing, spray suit gloves and goggles.